AF Security Forces making history

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Garrett Oshiro
  • 332nd ESFG/CCF
Hats off to the men and women of the United States Air Forces Security Forces!
Times are changing folks...As a deployed First Sergeant for the 332nd Expeditionary Security Force Group here at Joint Base Bald, Iraq I can tell you all this fact. The men and women of the Security Forces here are standing tall and proud, entrusted with a mission this large never before undertaken since Vietnam.
While working around the clock the Air Force provides both an offensive and Defensive posture protecting the largest military base in Iraq. Following the transfer from the Army of base wide security our combat trained security force airmen engage the insurgents outside the wire as our Quick Reaction Force, all the while providing intense base wide interior security protection at strategic locations. Their intense training qualifies them to operate a variety of tactical vehicles in which they perform daily operations inside and outside the wire guarding our base and assets.
The mere sight of our proud airmen performing daily missions would make anyone proud to serve in today's Air Force.
We, in the Hawaii Air National Guard have a stake in all of this because these proud men and women are all mixed with the total force of Guard, Reservist and Active Duty Air Force. They are joined with one of our own from the 154th Security Force Squadron TSgt Cliff Ramson. Our own TSgt Ramson is the NCOIC of the hottest (ECP) entry control point on this base where most of the base mortar, rockets, and indirect fire take place. He is responsible for the immediate reaction force that would engage any immediate threat.
As you all train and prepare yourselves for the upcoming ORI remember what you are preparing for, remember no matter what your play is in the Air Force these exercises are in fact preparing us all someday for a real world experience. Our role in the Air Force is so very important, our proficiency in our AFSC, and our understanding of how we all tie in together is the key to getting the job done and done well. I am an American Airmen and I will not fail........
United States Air Force.....Operation Iraqi Freedom Right here, Right N