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  • Friends devote decades to Honor Guard

    Tech. Sgt. Mark Crabbe and Staff Sgt. Darrell Bactad started in the prestigious Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) Honor Guard in their 30s and remained active well into their 50s. Together, they performed in many memorial ceremonies, military observances and community outreach events.

  • 154th Wing Chaplain comes full circle

    Leah Boling always knew she wanted to be involved with religion. As a young girl growing up in Mindanao, Philippines, the call to serve in religion was a strong and obvious one.Now a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Air Force, Boling lives out that calling as the Hawaii Air National Guard's 154th Wing

  • Tips for preparing and passing the new Air Force fitness test

    I feel a calling to write this article to help prepare our Ohana for the new Air Force fitness test. I am scheduled to take my fitness test Oct. 3. For my age (47 years old), I need 44 pushups/55 sit-ups/and 9 minutes and 45 seconds on a mile and one-half to get a 100 percent score. Don't sell

  • HIANG Command Chief selected for NGB post

    There she was putting the final touches on the Hometown Heroes event, making sure every last detail was in place, seeking and getting advice from her fellow Airman all in an effort to make sure those who have been deployed are recognized for their service; thus, like the final chord of a symphony,

  • Manas Airman marries bride 16,000 miles away

    The marvels of modern technology bridged the long-distance divide for an Airman here and his sweetheart halfway around the world, bringing their relationship to a new level as husband and wife. A morale center phone call and an Internet webcam allowed Staff Sgt. Albert Jensen to marry his long-time