Hidden agendas destroy success

  • Published
  • By Command Chief Master Sgt. Robert S.K. Lee III
  • 154 WG
Aloha All! Here we are, on the doorstep of 2010. As we step into the New Year, you can be assured that this year will be laced with many changes, no surprise there.

Our key to success is how well we prepare for change, even unanticipated change. Have you ever assessed your current situation and asked, "how well prepared am I to handle some type of change?" If we are ever consistent about anything in life, it should be assessing ourselves constantly regarding preparation, this really cannot be emphasized enough.

When I sat down to write this article knowing it would be my last one for the Kukai'limoku as your Command Chief, I wrestled with a thought that I wanted to leave everyone with. Over the past three years I have been witness to some very impressive accomplishments, great work ethics, heartwarming compassion and sacrifices to include numerous occasions of successes.

I have also noticed that one killer of success is the ever lurking possession of hidden agenda's. This one attribute can dismantle the foundation of an organization, send morale into a downward spiral, lead to distrust, result in unfairness and infect the morals, core values and integrity of any successful entity in a heartbeat.

All bad things result from anyone who acts on hidden agendas and there needs to be zero tolerance regarding this practice. It is our individual responsibility to carry out our expectations to each other that we will NEVER expect anyone to do anything unethical, NEVER put anyone in a position of doing something immoral or against policy and accept the criticism when they call you on it, in other words, if you choose to put a member in a position by requesting some action that is not the "right thing to do", you are way out of bounds and how shameful that is to label that innocent individual as being not "cool" or making innuendos to influence career progression. The use of that influence is just plain wrong, period. The practice of this behavior will not be tolerated, and I will continue to ensure these practices are exposed and addressed. Tagging the innocent victim as a "bad guy" is totally reversed from reality. Just don't do it!

As Chief Master Sergeant Denise Jelinski-Hall begins her journey representing our National Guard total force, it will be with a heavy heart that I will be leaving the 154th Wing Headquarters as your Senior Enlisted Leader and assuming the responsibilities of representing the Hawaii National Guard in a full-time capacity and additionally representing the Hawaii Air National Guard as your Senior Enlisted leader.

It is an absolute honor being your Senior Enlisted leader; I am humbled by your support and confidence which motivates me to ensure your welfare as an enlisted or officer of our organization is of the utmost importance.

Our Wing Commander has gone above and beyond supporting our enlisted force by lending a supportive hand in ensuring our concerns are given every opportunity to be heard and assessed. I pledge to continue to have the best interests of this fine organization in the forefront of representation.

Command Chief Rafael will without a doubt do an outstanding job representing the 154th Wing as the Senior Enlisted leader who is passionately patriotic and lives every core value as if he wrote them himself. I thank you in advance for the great support you will provide him.

I am honored to continue to represent the professionals of the Hawaii National Guard, I WILL NEVER FALTER AND I WILL NOT FAIL.......................Let's Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!